Cosy warmth and healthy steam

Small, but exquisite and deliberately sustainable. Free from fossil fuels, we have long been 100% committed to our own heat generation.

Our wellness facility with three different saunas invites you to sweat healthily.

Stone grotto

Vals stone with Vals rock crystal dome

Treat yourself to a regenerating, vitalising time in comforting warmth. In the stone grotto, you are surrounded on all sides by Vals quartzite. The rock crystal dome is modelled on a crystal grotto. Feel the power of the stone and absorb the purifying energy of the rock crystals. 

  • 65°C
  • Aroma
  • Mystic light
  • Swiss stone pine scent

The steam bath

Surrounded by red glass

Is ideal for warming up. The combination of heat and moisture has a relaxing and cleansing effect. The gentle warmth opens your pores, cleans the skin, and relaxes body and mind.

  • 45°C
  • 100% humidity
  • Peppermint aroma

The Finnish sauna

Daily changing infusion

Sweat yourself healthy! The hot, dry air strengthens the heart, is good for the circulation and relaxes your muscles. Taking a sauna strengthens the immune system and protects against colds.

  • 90°C
  • Changing aroma infusions
  • Warming Vals stone wall

Do something good for yourself

Spa treatments

Aroma relaxation massage

50 min / CHF 98.00

Bolus Alba wrap with Alpine herbs

60min / CHF 140.–

Classic massage

50min / CHF 95.–

Immediate beauty

50 min / CHF 145.00

Mini facial

30 min / CHF 65

Pregnancy massage

50 min / CHF 115

Rovanada Beauty

* Mini facial * Facemassage with stamps with alpine herbs of Vals

Seaweed wrap with Himalayan salt peeling

60 min / CHF 125

Special back massage

50 min / CHF 115

Stone treatment

50 min / CHF 115

Stone treatment intensive

80 min / CHF 165

Vals Alpine herbs stamp massage

50 min / CHF 135