Terralpin: </br>Your gourmet market in Vals

Your gourmet market in Vals

Our own TERRALPIN brand products from the valley

Vals Krachbrot (type of local bread) with red clover

Cheese and wine cellar

Alpine snack in a delicatessen

Culinary heritage and alpine inspiration

The nature of the mountains united in a gourmet market

We opened our small gourmet market, “Terralpin”, on the main street in Vals with a lot of passion and dedication in November 2018. If you love the authenticity of the Alps and especially the Vals mountains, you will find a small paradise of local products here. Delicacies which give you a taste of the love for our nature.

My mountain village – your world of delight

Delicacies from our own production

Craftsman’s tradition and family recipes, handed down from generation to generation, enrich the culinary heritage of the Alps today as they did then. We want to contribute to the preservation of the old, rural culture and flavour of the Vals mountains with our small gourmet market. The “Terralpin” delicacies and specialities come from sustainable production and are a culinary trademark of the region.

“By enjoying alpine delicacies, you make an important contribution to the preservation of the culinary heritage of the Alps and ensure its continued existence.” 

Bruno Berni

Our partners and producers

100% Vals - 100% regionality

Bünder products

Our parents and grandparents cultivated the tradition of herb and berry picking already back in their day. We create exquisite delicacies and Vals specialities from the valuable natural products of our homeland with love. Thus, our treasures are not only marked 100% Vals, they actually contain 100% Vals culinary pleasure. You can taste our connection to the alpine mountain world.

Our partners


His certified products from Grisons guarantee sustainability and regionality. His products create special flavour moments to make you happy.

Herb hike

Wild herbs

Meret Bissegger’s books inspire you to prepare your own collected herbs and berries. This wild herb chef loves cucina naturale, natural cuisine. Many years of experience make her an expert in natural ingredients. She shows nature lovers with passion where to find tasty herbs and plants in nature and demonstrates how to prepare them in wild plant cooking courses.


Meret Bissegger
Wild herb chef, Bleniotal, Tessin

"Berry" strong

Vitamin-rich berries

They find great fortune in small things. Margrit and Adolf Hartmann gather wild sea buckthorn and other berries in remote mountain valleys in the Grisons. Depending on the season, the annual yield is three to five tons of vitamin-rich berries. The creations they prepare with it enchant the palates of regional specialities enthusiasts. For example, syrup and the pure, unsweetened original juice are produced from these vitamin-rich berries.

Our partners

Margit and Adolf Hartmann
Alpine sea buckthorn, Tarns in Domleschg

The rediscovery of maize cultivation

Rheintaler Ribelmais (Regional maize dish)

Ribelmais belongs to the Rhine Valley like the Olma bratwurst belongs to St. Gallen. Ribelmais was the most important food of the region for centuries. It owes it’s popularity not just to its nutty flavour, but also to its valuable ingredients. Thanks to its high potassium and magnesium content, it is a true powerhouse of nature and is gluten-free. Peter Eugster has discovered this traditional natural product for himself and cultivates it again.

Our partner

Peter Eugster
Ribelmais, Lüchingen SG

Bread of passion

Natural stone mill

Bernhard Feichter grows spelt, rye or wheat, South Tyrolean bread clover, potatoes and vegetables on his farm, with most of the seeds being home-grown.

Our partner

Bernhard Feichter
Bread clover, Puster Valley Italy

The culinary heritage of the Alps

“Camosciata Alpina” milk goats

Ruben Lanzzoni breeds dairy goats of the “Camosciata Alpina” breed in an old farm at 1400 metres above sea level. The mountain goat comes from Grisons. It is accustomed to the climatic conditions typical of the mountains and provides an aromatically tasty milk.

Our partner

Ruben Lanzzoni 
Goats, Valle d’Aosta

The liquor of life from Surrein


Gion Candinas has a knack for fine spirits. He produces schnapps in Surrein according to old and new recipes. The exquisite and enjoyable liquor of life is one of his most popular products. It combines the scents and aromas of local fruits and herbs.

Our partner

Gion Candinas
gentian schnapps, Surein GR

The alpine nature of Grisons

Geisspürli / Goat’s alp

Karin and Rolo Bleich’s goat’s cheese is stored in autumn in the natural cellar at an altitude of 2000 metres, where it reaches its final maturity and special taste.

Our partner

Karin and Rolo Bleich
Ziegenalp Gravas

Flour from roasted maize grains

Gluten-free flour

Illario Garbani’s maize flour has its origins in the Valle Onsernone valley. In the canton of Ticino it is called “farina bóna” and is a speciality. It is traditionally obtained from very fine grinding of roasted maize grains. Therefore the scent reminds of popcorn. In the past, this flour was part of the everyday diet of the Onsernonesi. Today it is known as a speciality far beyond the borders of Ticino.

Our partner

Illario Garbani
FarinaBona, Valle Onsernone TI

Astounding culinary delights

Mountain potatoes from the Albula Valley

Cultivating mountain potatoes in the Albula Valley at an altitude of 1000 metres requires a lot of manual work, knowledge, and passion is required. Mountain potatoes thrive on the Las Sorts farm of Sabina and Marcel Heinrich Tschalèr.

Our partner

Marcel Heinrich
Mountain potatoes, Filisur GR

Real hearty alpine cheese

Awarded alpine cheese

It’s a real rarity: With a little luck you will find Alpkäse-Bröckli cheese, that has been aged for at least two years, in our gourmet market.

Our partner

Martin Capaul 
Alp Selva, Vals

Our house brands

Alpine Inspiration & Terralpin

“Terralpin” designates products that we developed ourselves. They are all free of artificial additives. Our kitchen team works with passion and dedication every day to produce healthy and high-quality delicacies for our guests to take home with them. Because, what could be better than enjoying an authentic Vals speciality after your holiday?

Opening hours

High season: daily 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Low season: Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Directly opposite the Therme Vals

Tel. 081 935 13 30