versatile Sustainable

With the Rovanada you are choosing an ecologically and sustainably managed hotel. By doing so, you are already contributing to environmental protection without having to compromise on service quality.

Sustainable use of all resources. Development towards a more sustainable tourism industry. But don't worry, our commitment to the environment takes place behind the scenes. So with us you can enjoy your vacation with a clear conscience, without having to sacrifice comfort or amenities.

- Heat pump

- Grander water system (reduced use of chlorine)

- consistent waste separation

- 100% water power from the Zervreila reservoir

- many regional and homemade products (less Co2 when buying)


Clean green electricity
The entire energy of our hotel complex is of ecological origin. Our own heat production through ground water and clean eco-electricity from the Zervreila reservoir. The entire hotel complex has been free of oil since 2009! The used water flows directly into the adjacent Vals Rhine without pumping - the cycle closes.

Versatile oven
Our XXL Pizza Oven does not only bake tons of delicious pizzas - it is already in operation early in the morning and during the day, for all the crispy wood oven breads, meringue and pastries and this for hours only with the residual heat from the previous day. The beech wood is felled in the Surselva, delivered in whole tree trunks and then processed with a lot of muscle power into small pieces of wood. The storage of 2 - 3 years follows in a resource-saving way - not as usual today, in drying plants!