Products from the region

Products from the region

100% Vals - 100% satisfaction

Take the holiday feeling home with you

We opened our small gourmet market, “Terralpin”, on the Vals main street with a lot of passion and dedication in November 2018. If you love the authenticity of the Alps and especially the Vals mountains, you will find a small paradise of local products here. Delicacies which will give you a taste of the love for our nature.

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Preserving the culinary heritage of the Alps

Delicacies from the mountains

Craftsman’s tradition and family recipes, handed down from generation to generation, enrich the culinary heritage of the Alps today as they did then. We want to contribute to the preservation of the old, rural culture and flavour of the Vals mountains with our small gourmet market. The “Terralpin” delicacies and specialities come from sustainable production and are a culinary trademark of the region.

“By enjoying alpine delicacies, you make an important contribution to the preservation of the culinary heritage of the Alps and ensure its continued existence.” 

Bruno Berni

100 % Vals - 100% satisfaction

Bünder products

Our parents and grandparents cultivated the tradition of herb and berry picking already back in their day. We create exquisite delicacies and Vals specialities from the valuable natural products of our homeland with love. Thus, our treasures are not only marked 100% Vals, they actually contain 100% Vals culinary pleasure. You can taste our connection to the alpine mountain world.

Our partners


His certified products from Grisons guarantee sustainability and regionality. His products create special flavour moments to make you happy.

Our own brand “Terralpin”

Alpine inspiration

“Terralpin” designates products that we developed ourselves. They are all free of artificial additives. Our kitchen team works with passion and dedication every day to produce healthy and high-quality delicacies for our guests to take home with them. Because, what could be better than enjoying an authentic Vals speciality after your holiday?

Opening hours

High season: daily 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Low season: Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Tel. 081 935 13 30