Bündner Stube

15th December 2023 until 31st March 2024


Products from our region are close to our heart. Our alpine pantry offers a great variety of herbs, berries, and spices. Enjoy the culinary delights from our creative menus. Let us take you on a true taste adventure. Discover the real, authentic Vals. 

Food is the enjoyment of life. When tradition and novelty merge, you get to enjoy refined cuisine. At Bündner Stube, we unearth old recipes and perfect them with fantasy and skill into culinary specialities. Regional spices, herbs, and alpine rock salt are the ingredients used to create taste sensations that make you happy and contribute to your physical well-being. We do without flavour enhancers and chemical additives. Our products are naturally and sustainably produced and therefore wholesome. We care about the local farmers, gardeners, and producers from the region. They are not only suppliers, but friends. 


Suprise menu

Fr. 140.- per person / Fr. 120.- vegetarian

Accompanied drinks Fr. 58.- per person

No lactose-free, vegan or gluten-free options can be served. Thank you for your understanding.