Winter – the fascination

Sun – blue sky – snow


This is energy! A Power-Shot!




There is nothing more refreshing than the crystal clear winter air to breathe to the fullest.
At the sight of the snow-covered forests and mountain tops melt away into boundless ecstasy. The warming sun at the blue sky brings the white splendor sparkle. Inspired by the fascinating winter wonderland.


The CONNOISEUR AND WELLNESS HOTEL ROVANADA, 100 meters from the stop of the Postbus and the free village shuttle, directly to the spa and the ski, is the perfect starting point to crown with his passionate service to unforgettable winter holidays days.


Powered car in the garage, it goes out into the winter wonderland.
Whether sledding or snowshoeing, the equipment you will receive free in ROVANADA, whether on a romantic walk through the snowy woods, by skating on the natural ice rink, or in a high-mountain skiing or -boarding up to almost 3000 meters above sea level, every move in this magical natural landscape is a liberating and uplifting experience that lingers for a long time.


On 6 days ski tickets our guests will receive over us a discount of 10%.




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