Summer – the mountains are calling!


One hears call him directly, the mountain, with us, at 1250 meters above sea level, you are so close to the nature.


A beguiling play of the senses:
In young early summer lure the colorful flower-filled meadows and countless creeks, jump splashing into the valley, in a hot midsummer the high alpine mountain lakes and majestic peaks, and the mild warm autumn sun, the bright colors of the forest and upsetting contrasts with the already re-candied mountaintops.


Wasserfall Richtung Guraletschsee


The CONNOISEUR AND WELLNESS HOTEL ROVANADA nestled at the foot of his local mountain “Valser Hora”. Counter to the south, it starts from early to late every ray of sunshine with a bliss. 100m away from the Therme and the bus station, it is quiet, directly at the idyllic mountain stream, the “Valserrhein”.


Let your soul, you fall in love with your holidays, seduced by our loving service.



Whether hiking, biking or climbing, we will help you with the choice of route and map material.
Walking sticks and mountain bikes and e-bikes can be used free of charge from the hotel.




taufrische Enzian








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