The ROVANADA kitchen philosophy:

What is there in the valley, wild herbs, dairy products, eggs, etc. is used.

High quality fresh products us with a lot of skill and passion refines the taste buds:


    - regional - original
    - modern - special
    - mediterranean - easy


Here is always freshly cooked. You can taste the difference!
For seasoning are used valuable sea salt and a lot of fine herbs.


Everything is made in house:
   - Gravies and gravy are recognized with bones and a lot of vegetables as the great French cuisine
   - Salad dressings home recipes
   - Pasta of all kinds, even spaghetti, with our great pasta machine
   - Glace, always new varieties
   - Bread from the wood stove: light, dark and also sourdough breads
     gluten-free bread we bake extra! On pre-order.
   - Cakes, baked in a wood oven, and pies
     Our walnut cakes are with self-fired caramel and many walnuts
     filled and baked in a wood oven
     Bruno's first apprenticeship is the pastry chef / Confiseurs!


Allergic person are welcome!

We know all the ingredients accurately, which were used in our courts!
No Glutamate, a flavor enhancer or preservative!


Vegetarians are thrilled! A large choice for gourmets.


Enjoy breakfast until 11.30 a.m.!





La Cucina- Diavolo- Bündnerstube(13P. Gault Milleau)

What we process comes from farmers in our immediate vicinity, from people we trust and who have been with us for years.

We invite you to join us on a journey of respect for the products and the nature that surrounds us.

This results in special dishes, real and intense.
They reflect the work and passion of the people who live in our region.

Lounge Bar

The new lounge with bar and unique fire place is cuddly and cozy. Let yourself be spoiled by our Barchef Marco & Team, with their great hype drinks By the way: Gin is our great passion ...


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01 September - 21 December 2019

Sunday until Satruday 4 FOR 3/3 FOR 2

Romantic at Casa da Luzi

Romantic at Casa da Luzi

01 June 2019 - 27 March 2020 Kuschel- und Geniesserhotel Casa da Luzi

enjoy 3 nights --- pay 2, from CHF 620.- for 2 persons, Sunday to Friday